Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 62

Buenos Dias Mis Seres Queridos,

I don't have much time because it's actually not P-Day, the college where we e-mail was closed yesterday for the holiday, and we have an appoinment pretty soon. You know what that means. Bullet Points.

Tracting with Claricia. Claricia is 18 years old and a recent convert in the english ward that meets in our building, but she speaks spanish as well, so we bring her out with us a few times a week. Last week we went out looking for a co worker of hers who speaks spanish and who happens to be a less active member, and starting knocking on the street he supposedly live on. We couldn't find him, but we did almost die haha. The area was just a littttttle sketch and we were knocking these old apartments. We climbed up this set of rusted metal stairs and stood on a rusted metal landing while we waiting for someone to answer the door. While we were standing there we heard this loud noise and Claricia screamed and jumped which made all of us start screaming right in front of this person's door, I am sure it looked hilarious. After the screaming we asked what happened and Claricia said that the floor was moving, and when we looked where she had been standing sure enough there was a hole there. We made it back down the stairs in one piece and promised her we wouldn't climb anymore stairs with her haha. Oh the adventure in being a missionary.
Juanita. We started teaching a young woman this week named Juanita and she is amazing, I love her! She is so sweet and genuine and was really excited to read from the Book of Mormon. She has an 11 month old son named Eder who has cancer, so she is in the hospital a lot while he gets chemotherapy, but he seems to be doing really well. He has been doing chemo for about 6 months now and it sounds like it is working, hooray! Eder is just the cutest little smiley baby, you wouldn't think anything was wrong with him. Juanita is so amazing, she is going through just a huge trial but she talks about how she trusts in God and is grateful for the time the He has given her with her son, even if it will be shorter than she would like. Juanita is such an example to me of faith and I am excited to watch her grow closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as she attends church and studies the scriptures.
Well, out of time, I love you all very much and pray everyone is well.
Hermana Taets

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