Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 61

Buenas Tardes Mis Seres Queridos

It has been such a crazy week, and went by much faster than I would have liked. So, I am going to have to do this in bullet form, like usual, if I am going to cover everything.

Exchanges: I went on an exchange with Hermana Ang on Wednesday and that was super fun, love that girl to bits. She has learned and grown so much since I was training her! She taught me a cool way to teach about the great apostasy that I am way stoked to try out. She hits her halfway mark in her mission this month...that is really weird, my daughter is growing up and is an old missionary, weird! We had a lot of fun together, didn't sleep much at night because we just laid in bed until about 1 am just talking about all of the people we taught in Fairbanks and all of the crazy experiences we had together. My three transfers in Fairbanks with Hermana Ang were probably some of my most favorite transfers in the field.

Dia de los 3 Reyes Magos (Three King's Day): January 6th was Three King's Day, which is kind of like an extension of Christmas, they celebrate the bringing of the gifts from the wise men to the baby Jesus. Us and the Elders went over to the Estrada home to eat la Rosca and drink Abuelitas hot chocolate, yum. La Rosca is a sweet bread that is kind of shaped like a wreath and has some fruit and colored sugars on top. The cool part is that inside the Rosca is a little doll, and whoever gets the little doll in their piece has to throw a party on Feb. 2nd and make either pozole or tamales. I love hispanic culture, they throw a party so that they can figure out who will throw the next party, genius. I am planning on implementing this tradition in my home because it was so much fun and I loved it! The Rosca that they bought had three dolls in it, and my companion and I each got one, haha, Hermana Martinez made the first cut and there was a little doll showing from the side, it was so funny, and I got the last doll of the three. Since we can't really throw a party the Estrada family made a deal with us that we would come over on sunday and help make dinner, which was also way fun.
Transfers. I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen next transfer, but I wasn't really nervous like I usually am because I think I have finally learned that no matter what happens it is the will of the Lord and therefore it will turn out alright. Our district all met up and read over the transfer paper, and NOTHING is changing in our district! So, I will be with Hermana Martinez for another transfer, which I am happy about because we get along really well. We have talked a lot about what things we need to improve on and are both excited to make changes and see miracles this upcoming transfer.

Pupusas. Sunday after church we went back over to the Estrada home and ate pupusas, which is a traditional meal from El Salvador, delicious. Me and two young single adult girls from the ward made the pupusas and it was so fun! I thought it was going to be really difficult but it actually wasn't that bad and I really enjoyed it! I am excited to try and make them on my own when I get home and show my family some authentic hispanic food, yum.

Well, that is about it for the week, I am excited to begin another transfer (my 10th transfer) here in the great Texas Houston Mission. Hope all is well back home!
Hermana Taets

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