Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 57

Buenos Dias Mis Seres Queridos

This week was crazy. We had the ward Christmas party on Friday and 3 families that we are teaching showed up to the activity. We have so many people we are teaching that our schedule for this week is full, and I mean full. On Tuesday we won't even have time to do our morning studies because we have appointments from 9 am to 9 pm. I know that we are having success because we are striving to be obedient with exactness, I just hope that we can accommodate for the needs of all of the people we are teaching and that no one gets lost in translation. I love being so busy, but I wish we had a little bit of time to go do some finding and knock doors so that we will always be searching for those who are prepared. Oh well, I really can't complain that we have too many investigators ha ha.

I don't have a lot of time so I am going to just tell a really cool story. Once upon a time it was Monday the 6th of December, aka last Monday, and we were leaving the house after P-day around 6:00 pm when all of our appointments called and cancelled. Boo. So, we thought about stopping by Sephora, the makeup store, because I had spaced out during P-day and forgot to buy my makeup that had run out that morning. I started driving in that direction, but was thinking about what we should do and just didn't feel good about going to the store. So, I drove right past the store and went to visit a family that we are teaching who are members but don't go to church very often. We had a really great lesson with them and then we stood outside for a really long time in the cold waiting for a fire truck that was supposed to pass by with Santa on it. Apparently they do this every Christmas, and we could hear the fire truck but eventually it came time for us to head back to the apartment for curfew so we weren't able to see it. It was about 8:30 pm and we were about to pass by Sephora again and my companion suggested we just go in and grab the makeup I need really quick. I thought about it and it didn't feel wrong this time so I figured we could just stop really quick, grab what I need and go. So, we went in, got the makeup (it was on sale 2 for 1 woo hoo!) and I went to go checkout. While I was checking out, my companion was getting a perfume sample from another associate there and when I went over there I realized that they were actually talking about the church. The sales associate, Elizabeth, was asking about my companion's name tag and then started asking about church and said that she was looking for a church to attend with her boyfriend but it having a hard time being satisfied with the ones that she has already attended. We talked to her about church, invited her to the ward Christmas party and to church on Sunday, and then I gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. It was really neat because I recently started carrying a copy of the Book of Mormon in my hand at all times to give away, so when we went to the store I didn't have anything with me except the car keys, wallet and the Book of Mormon that I carry, so we were able to testify of the truthfulness of it and she said she would read it and knew that Heavenly Father would tell her if it is true, and she was actually excited about it. This week was my first week doing this, always carrying a copy of the Book of Mormon in my hand instead of in my bag, and we have given out half a box of copies of the Book of Mormon this week. Yay! I love being a missionary!

I love you all and pray everyone is feeling the spirit of Christmas and extending a hand of love and friendship at this time, especially to all those poor poor missionaries in your areas who are away from home at Christmas ;) Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Taets

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