Thursday, February 24, 2011

6 weeks tooo goooo!!!

Hola Mis Seres Queridos

Wow, so much has happened in a week. Here we go.

Monday (Valentine's Day): We were invited to eat dinner with two member families that night after P-Day and they were both very fun. When we walked out of the last appointment we found our car covered in red hearts and writing, thanks to our best friend Claricia. That girl just cracks me up. Her and the family she lives with wrote really cheese ball pick up lines that have to do with Mormon culture and wrote them on the hearts and stuck them to our car. For example: "I search, pondered and prayed for you", "I want to hold you like the iron rod", "Tag=Swag" (talking about our missionary tags haha) and then on the back windshield it said, "Read the Book of Mormon, homie g's" Haha. That girl, I just love her.

Saturday: Transfer calls. What a surprise that was. Hermana Wardle (my MTC companion) and I are just going to switch companions. So, Hermana Martinez is going just one area over to Bear Creek and I am getting Hermana Smart. We thought it was a joke at first, just because it is so strange, but I am glad that Hermana Martinez isn't going far because I just love her to pieces. Things will be a lot different with Hermana Smart, but I know that transfers are inspired and that Heavenly Father has a specific purpose in placing us together. I really hope that we can be a unified and obedient companionship so that we can see miracles this transfer, especially since it is my last one...weird.

Sunday: At about 7:00am we received a call from the ward secretary saying, "Oh Hermana Taets, I am just calling to REMIND you that you are speaking in church today." Well, that is strange because I thought that to be able to remind someone of something they had to have already been told about it. Haha. So, Elder Morin and I both had surprise talks to give in church and had zero time to prepare them. I spoke first and I shared my conversion story and talked about the importance of not judging who is ready to hear the gospel or not and to just share with everyone. I was so nervous to just go up there and give a talk in spanish without any preparation but as soon as I stepped up to the microphone I felt so comfortable and the words came out so easily. It is such a blessing to have the gift of the Holy Ghost! Then Elder Morin shared the story of a family he had taught early in his mission and the changes he saw in them as he taught and baptized them one by one. He ended the story saying that he had the blessing of going to the temple the day before to see them being sealed as a family for time and all eternity. It was a very powerful story and most of the women, and some of the men, in the congregation had tears streaming down their faces. It was such a powerful sacrament meeting and I think the members really felt the importance of what we have as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and are hopefully excited to share that with others.

It is always a weird feeling at the beginning of a new transfer. It is really weird not having Hermana Martinez with me but I know that Hermana Smart and I will work hard so that we can witness miracles in our area. I am in the final sprint of my mission and will not be slowing down.
Con Amor
Hermana Taets

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