Monday, February 14, 2011

2 Months LEFT!!

Hola Hola Hola

Has another week flown by already? wow. Can't believe it. Anyways, today I will share one funny story, of the many, and one teaching story, and I think I actually have time to do it today!

Funny Story

In order for this story to really make sense it must be understood that a missionary's planner contains his/her life. It has all of our appointments scheduled in it, names, numbers and addresses of people we are teaching, people we have contacted while knocking doors or doing whatever, and people that have been referred to us to go teach. My planner is like my first-born child. On Saturday afternoon I was making a right hand turn onto the feeder to get onto the I-10 and had my window rolled down. As I made the turn my companion made a comment, but I didn't really hear because I was focused on driving (that's right, I am a focused-on-the-road-and-not-on-distractions Driver, that might have developed on my mission) so I asked her what she had said and she responded rather calmly, "your planner just flew out the window." My response was a screaming, "WHATTTTT?!" Dummy Taets had left her planner on the dashboard and it was now sitting in the middle of the freeway feeder. You can't just leave your first-born child sitting on the freeway so we turned around, parked the car by where I had made the turn and analyzed the situation. Planner was sitting about one lane away from the sidewalk, right on the line, it's pages blowing in the wind as if saying, "Look at me, I am right here, come save me!" Luckily, we had the Elders with us, and of course they had to be the chivalrous young men that they are and decided they would face death and go run into the street and get planner. Elder Morin was the lookout, yelled, "GO!" while Elder Lang ran into the road, grabbed planner, and made it back safely. Planner is now safe and sound, never again to be placed on the dashboard. I am a little disappointed that planner didn't even have a cool tire mark across it just for looks. Oh well, can't complain.

Teaching Story

We went to contact one of our many referrals this week, named Alicia, and right when we knocked on the door she said, "It's freezing outside, come in!" That is the one perk with this cold weather, people are more likely to let us in when we knock on their door. We sat with her at her kitchen table and talked to her about her family and religious beliefs and why she requested a visit from us. I don't think she really understood why we were there so I explained to her what we do as missionaries and asked her if she would be interested in us returning and teaching her family. She seemed pretty hesitant and reverted to the "I'm Catholic" thing, even though she had already explained that she never goes to church and doesn't really know what "being Catholic" even means haha. After realizing that we probably wouldn't get the chance to come back I taught her about the Book of Mormon, my companion and I both bore testimony of it and committed her to read it in her own time and ask God if it is true. She told us that she loves to read and seemed excited to find out what the Book of Mormon is about and said she would pray to know if it is true. Before leaving I asked if we could call her two sons into the room and have a family prayer, and she went and brought them in. This was my favorite part of the whole experience. We talked to the little boys a little bit about what prayer is and taught them how to pray and then we all bowed our heads and my companion offered a prayer. The spirit was so strong and I know that the mom felt the power in family prayer. If this family learned nothing more from us than how to pray and to do it as a family then I consider it a huge success. I pray that they will start praying and reading the bible as a family so that they may grow and uplift one another.

I love being a missionary. I know that this gospel is true, that Jesus Christ came to the Earth, completed the will of His Father and was a perfect example for us. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, I received that answer from God and nothing will be able to change the testimony that I have received.

Hermana Taets

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