Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WeEk 38

Hola Mis Seres Queridos

Transfer calls came last Saturday and I am staying in Fairbanks for my 6th transfer and I will be staying with Hermana Ang to continue training her. I am so excited to be staying here one more transfer, especially with Hermana Ang, we get along so well and have the same views and opinions about missionary work and obedience, so I feel like this transfer will be way powerful. I am a little nervous about being senior companion/trainer all by myself for the first time, but also excited to be able to take a little bit more control and start implementing the new changes in the mission.

This last week was pretty crazy. The coolest thing that happened it the story of Herby. We met Herby while tracting through the Spring Woods apartment complex. He was putting some air in his bike tire and we chatted with him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and gave him a pass a long card to call a receive one in the mail. The next day we received a media referral from Utah and the information was for Herby! We were so excited that he called the number and wanted us to come visited. So the next day, after getting our hands on the french Book of Mormon that he had requested, we visited Herby and he is SO cool. He is from Haiti and his native language is french, but he is going to college in Sonora, Mexico so he speaks spanish as well, and a little bit of english. Herby has been here in Texas over the summer as a missionary for the 7th Day Adventist church, which apparently isn't like what we do as missionary, they sell church materials in order to pay for their schooling. We taught him about who Heavenly Father is and he had never heard before that God has a body like we do, except perfect and glorified. As we taught him it looked as if a light bulb had turned on in his head. We have taught him several more times, even though he moves back to Mexico this week :(, and he is a little difficult to teach because he is just a sponge and wants to know everything all at once haha, but I have really loved the opportunity to teach Herby. He has such a hunger to learn and I hope he will continue meeting with the missionaries in Mexico.

Not much else going on, Hermana Ang and I are going to bike it up a ton this week because we don't have a lot of miles left on the car (We are given 1250 miles a month to use on the car and we only have 200 left until saturday, woops). Soccer last saturday was way fun, I scored like 3 goals because my team had me play forward this time, it was way sick. I love being a missionary and am having a blast. Every day I realize more and more how true the gospel is and feel like I am learning so much and drawing nearer unto the Savior. Everyone should serve a mission, haha. I can't believe I am halfway done! It's too soon! Ah!

Amor y Paz
Hermana Taets


Hey Y'all

I have like zero time again, sorrrrry. Hooray for bullet points.

1. Chchchchanges

Big changes happening in the mission and I am super excited! The brethren of the church are implementing changes in all of the missions across the world. First of all, we are only have zone conferences and interviews with President every 3 months instead of once a transfer. This will allow us to spend less time in meetings and more time outside teaching. There are also 8 focus points that we are supposed to study and..focus on, because that's what focus points are for :) I will say more about this later.

2. Arzate confirmation

Oh this was such a sweet experience for me. The 15 year old son came to church yesterday in white shirt and tie and was talking to us about being a full-time missionary one day. I can't express how happy I felt talking to one of my recent converts about the possibility of him serving a mission one day. The dad was in church as well and told us that he wants to be baptized still, but probably in like 2 weeks because he might have to work another sunday next week.

3. Robbed by a poor man

On saturday we worked the Pulga and while travelling from the car to the door of the Pulga we were stopped by a man who was "crying" and said he needed money to buy food for his son, who was also there and was cute and little. He told us a long story of how he lost his job and can't find work and blah blah sad sad story. I know I sound like a bitter angry human being, and thats only because he totally tricked me. I felt so bad for them that I gave them the only thing I had in my wallet, which happened to be a 20. I didn't feel bad giving them money, I wanted to help out and knew that I could spare it. BUT later that day I saw the same guy in the Pulga at the jewelary counter with a lady buying her some gold chain or something. He was not poor, he was a thief. I am rather cheerful about the situation though because I feel like maybe I really gave 20 bucks to Jesus since in the Bible it says inasmuch as you do it unto the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me. Let's stick with that so I don't get mad, haha.

ok, no time, time to go play soccer and score some goals, woot

Hermana Taets

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 36

Oh my crazy busy week! I only have approximately 14 minutes before our goal time to leave the library and go play soccer, sooo I will try and pack this e-mail with as much as I can by utilizing my favorite literary form: the list.

1. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like... -Queen
Hermana Lillywhite went to serve in the Bear Creek area on Friday and Saturday so Hermana Ang and I were left in the great area of Fairbanks. We decided that we wanted to be able to contact more people, which is basically impossible when you are in a car, so we rode bikes on Friday and it was so fun! The Bear Creek Hermanas had two bikes and two helmets that they weren't using so we took them, got the tires blown up, cleaned them up a bit, destroyed the wasp nest that was under the bike seat, bought a lock, and then finally were able to bike around a bit. We didn't go very far because it was getting late, but we did it, and both of us loved it! So, we have decided that next transfer, assuming both of us are still here in this area together, we are going to bike a lot. The only downside (besides goofy helmet, drenched in sweat, almost getting hit by a car, and feeling very very uncoordinated) was that on Saturday I was ridiculously sore...let's just say that the bike seat is not comfortable. At all.

Saturday morning we had a ward activity, for members, missionaries, investigators, etc. We played a game of soccer for 2 hours and it was so much fun! None of our investigators could go because it was really short notice, but we are going to do it every saturday from now on and I think it will be a really great way for the people we are teaching to make friends in the ward. I didn't play very well, obviously, but I did score one goal and everyone was so shocked, woo hoo. I actually tried though, surprise surprise, and was running, and kicking, ya know, like actually playing. I even enjoyed playing soccer! We play a lot of soccer as missionaries, every P-day as a Zone, and every morning during exercise as a District, so I invested in some cleats so I stop slipping in the mud. They are so cute, they are silver Pumas with light blue on one side and a white cougar on the other. Besides the fact that they are ridiculously cute, they also help me to play better because I don't slip. What a choice investment.

3. Emotional Rollercoaster
Yesterday I went for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster, it was pretty intense, allow me to explain:
Sad: Yesterday was the day of the Arzate family's baptism, yet only the mom, son and daughter were at church. I went and sat with them as usual and asked where the dad was and they said he had to work today so he would not be getting baptized. I wonder if he really was working or if he just got scared, we will see this week when we go teach the family. I am not too worried about the dad because I know he will get baptized, he always tells us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and I know he knows that he needs to be baptized. My heart broke, however, for the rest of the family. I know what it feels like to not have your dad at your baptism, and it was one of the hardest things for me. The Arzate's are way strong though and I know they will be a great example to the dad and help him prepare for his own baptism.
Nervous: After church was over it was time for the Arzate baptism, and they had asked me to give a short talk on baptism, so I was very nervous to get up in front of everyone and give a talk in spanish again. My companions said I did well, but my face felt like it was on fire the whole time and I felt so silly.
Ridiculously Happy: I love baptisms, and seeing the three Arzates being baptized almost brought me to tears. I have been teaching this family since February and have grown so close to all of them and love them so much. I feel so blessed to have witnessed the change in each of them as they have grown closer to the Savior, and am excited to witness even more of the changes that will occur in the future as they continue to learn.

No more time, I am now 4 minutes late, eek

Love you all!
Hermana Taets