Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hey Y'all

I have like zero time again, sorrrrry. Hooray for bullet points.

1. Chchchchanges

Big changes happening in the mission and I am super excited! The brethren of the church are implementing changes in all of the missions across the world. First of all, we are only have zone conferences and interviews with President every 3 months instead of once a transfer. This will allow us to spend less time in meetings and more time outside teaching. There are also 8 focus points that we are supposed to study and..focus on, because that's what focus points are for :) I will say more about this later.

2. Arzate confirmation

Oh this was such a sweet experience for me. The 15 year old son came to church yesterday in white shirt and tie and was talking to us about being a full-time missionary one day. I can't express how happy I felt talking to one of my recent converts about the possibility of him serving a mission one day. The dad was in church as well and told us that he wants to be baptized still, but probably in like 2 weeks because he might have to work another sunday next week.

3. Robbed by a poor man

On saturday we worked the Pulga and while travelling from the car to the door of the Pulga we were stopped by a man who was "crying" and said he needed money to buy food for his son, who was also there and was cute and little. He told us a long story of how he lost his job and can't find work and blah blah sad sad story. I know I sound like a bitter angry human being, and thats only because he totally tricked me. I felt so bad for them that I gave them the only thing I had in my wallet, which happened to be a 20. I didn't feel bad giving them money, I wanted to help out and knew that I could spare it. BUT later that day I saw the same guy in the Pulga at the jewelary counter with a lady buying her some gold chain or something. He was not poor, he was a thief. I am rather cheerful about the situation though because I feel like maybe I really gave 20 bucks to Jesus since in the Bible it says inasmuch as you do it unto the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me. Let's stick with that so I don't get mad, haha.

ok, no time, time to go play soccer and score some goals, woot

Hermana Taets

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