Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 34

Hola Mis Seres Queridos

Today is my 8 month birthday as a missionary! Wow! Can you believe how fast time flies? I only have a little over 10 months left on my mission. That is weird. It is going by way too fast, I do not like it. I have felt so grateful for this opportunity to train Hermana Ang and am learning so much from her! She definitely has "greenie fire" and has no fear whatsoever. This weekend we went to go teach an investigator about the Plan of Salvation and we just told Hermana Ang to use a visual of the Plan and teach as much as she could and that we would help her when she got stuck. Well, basically Hermana Lillywhite and I just bore testimony as she taught and she did the whole thing by herself, in spanish! Wow, I was so proud of her! I wish I was that good when I first got out here, I was such a brat when I was a new missionary haha. We are all working really hard to find new people to teach right now because are current investigators have either lost interest or are getting baptized, so we are in a bit of a finding mode. I love doing finding because we have so many interesting experiences and meet so many people. I just love talking to people!

Yesterday the Arzate family had their baptism interview and all four of them are ready to be baptized on the 11 of July. I am SO excited! It has been such a tremendous blessing to watch this family grow together and become more unified as they began to attend church, study the scriptures, and pray as a family. They are all so amazing! The son is 15 and is definitely a future missionary. When we first started teaching his family he was very stubborn, he reminded me so much of myself when I was meeting with the missionaries, and he constantly argued that we have just been tricked to believe these things, or even have tricked ourselves. But, we continually bore testimony to him of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and that once he is willing to do the will of the Lord, whatever it may be, that he must read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. Over the last few months we pretty much extended this same focus and promise to the entire family over and over and over again, and now they all have received that witness that the Book of Mormon is true. Yesterday in his interview, the Father said, "I have to tell you something, I am not for sure about Joseph Smith yet, or this Monson, but I WILL know before I am baptized." What an example of faith! He continually tells us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and that he knows that he will receive answer to his prayers concerning Joseph Smith before the day of his baptism. He believes it is true, but he wants to KNOW it is true. This family has truly been an amazing example to me of faith and trust in the Lord, and I am SO excited to witness their baptism on July 11th.

I love you all dearly and am grateful for your prayers
Hermana Taets

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