Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 27

I have decided that because I love spanish and want everyone to speak spanish, I am going to impose a spanish word of the week, perhaps one that sums up my week in one random word. This week I have chosen the word, Lodo. It means mud. It POURED rain on Friday and Saturday last week and I loved it, of course. I did feel a little bad for the Elder Inkley and Elder Kerr because they are on bike :( Pobrecitos. Anyways, mud, there is mud all over the places we frequent, possibly because we frequent in dirty apartment complexes haha, so my shoes are way dirty and I have been paranoid all week that I was going to slip in the mud and die.
This week my good friend Camille, aka Hermana Blanco, was back in Houston visiting, mainly because the Patino's bought her a ticket to the Mexico v. Angola game, so she was here all last week. I saw her like 3 times, mainly friday when we all went to dinner at the Patino's house. It was SO weird to see her in jeans and normal clothes and a cell phone and listening to Jack Johnson on her iPod..... No worries I am not trunky, although I will enjoy wearing jeans again and having a cell phone, I am more than content being a missionary and am having so much fun. The mission is nothing like what I would expect it to be, it's much more fun haha.
We set 4 new baptism dates this weeeeeeeek! Oh man I was so happy when we set a date with the Arzate family! I have been teaching them the last two transfers, and they are at church every week and I have loved witnessing the change in this family. The mom is the only one who feels ready to be baptized, she is just the most amazing person, so we set a date for the 10th of July so her husband and two kids can feel ready and excited to be baptized. I love this family and cannot wait to watch them all enters the waters of baptism together. I really hope I can suck a few more transfers out of this area so I don't have to worry about finding a way back here for their baptism. We shall see what happens in few weeks concerning that.
I don't have much else to say...except that I love the Book of Mormon. I am kind of addicted to it. Whenever we have a spare moment, which is like never, I pull out my Libro de Mormon and read a chapter. Man, it is SO good! Everytime I read it I learn something new as the Holy Ghost personally teaches me according to my needs and the needs of my investigators. I really wish everyone could see the Book of Mormon the way I do. So many people have such a negative aspect concerning it, such as: "There can be no new scriptures!" and my response to you would be, "Well, I sure am not going to tell God that I don't want him to give me more scripture to guide me through this crazy life!" The Bible and the Book of Mormon together work so perfectly to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ and to testify that He lives. I am really gaining a higher appreciation for the New Testament as well, and not just the four gospels, because those are obviously amazing. The Bible testifies so plainly of the falling away of Christ's church and the Restoration that would come forth in the Latter-Days, of which Restoration I boldly testify began in the year 1820 through a young farm boy in upstate New York. I cannot fully express my love and gratitude for this gospel, I know now more than ever that is is true, as I witness change lives and unify famlies.
I have the best job. ever.

Ojala que esten muy bendecidos!
Hermana Taets

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