Sunday, May 23, 2010

PICTURES (again) :D

1. Hermana Lillywhite. On this specific occasion we watched the Restoration movie outside of this guy's trailer during a wind storm on the big screen he carried outside and plugged in with an extension cord. Haha it was wayyyy sweet.
2. My District last transfer: Me and Blanco up top, then the elders on bottom, Porter, McGary, Astin, Kerr. They are all a bunch o' knuckle heads but we are all like Best friends forever haha
3. Blanco and I
4. Blanco and I doing the "I am never eating ever again" face. We tend to say this daily as missionaries, usually after the members make us eat a toooooon.
5. Blanco and I
6. Breanna and Trey's baptism. I looked and felt like a grease bucket that day. The Humidity has kicked in full force in Houston.
7. My zone leaders elders Porter and Mcgary. They conducted a conference for the spanish missionaries in the mission and told us we need to embrace the culture more. Way fun
8. Me and Elder McGary Embracing the culture

Now Mom had requested some pictures of the apt. So herrrrrre ya go!

9. Our Desks, trashed as usual from intense studying every morning ;)
10. My desk...slightly cleaner than hers, woot woot
11. living area. couch and bookshelf.
12. Bedroom, mine is the purple bed

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  1. Yayyy pictures! Hermana Taets is the cutest sister missionary ever!!!