Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 49

Hola Mis Seres Amados

The Transfer bunny came this last saturday with a big basket of change. Drumroll please.......I am getting transferred out of Fairbanks! AH I can't believe it! I half thought that I would serve my entire mission in this area, since that would only mean 4 more transfers here, but I am leaving tomorrow to go serve in the West Green Ward out in Katy, Texas. I will be serving with Hermana Martinez, which is a huge surprise because this will be her second transfer in the mission, meaning she was only with her trainer for 1 transfer. She must be way good because I was with my trainer for 3 transfers haha. I am way excited to be companions with her because she is a native spanish speaker so I know that through her guidance and correction I will be able to speak the language much much better. One thing I have not liked about this change is the whole packing situation. I haven't moved once throughout my whole mission, and I have served with two sisters who were going home, so needless to say I have aquired a lot of clothes and things from other missionaries. Packing has been a huge pain in the rear but I am still sooooo excited to go to West Green! I feel like I am about to embark on an adventure...a whole new set of streets to walk, a new area book to study, a new ward to meet, a new companion, and a whole new set of challenges and experiences that the Lord has prepared for me that I may grow.
My last sunday in Houston 10 was a day full of miracles. SO many people were at church! Almost all of my recent converts were there, the less active families I have been teaching were there, one of my recent converts passed the sacrament to me. Another interesting occurance was that Elder Porter (went home in June) was visiting with his family and I had to translate the sunday school class into english for his dad. That was an interesting experience, I have never had to translate before and was surprised that it really wasn't hard at all. I will say that the class was much more interesting in spanish than my boring english version haha. After church Elder Porter baptized a woman who he had taught in our ward during his mission, named Juana. When they first starting teaching Juana and her children, Karla, Juanito and Blanca, Elder Porter and his companion had asked me to go with them to teach them so I could share my conversion story. The children had struggled because their dad was unsupportive of their decision to be baptized, so they wanted me to talk about how I overcame a similar obstacle in being baptized alone and with little support. It was a lesson I will never forget, and although this was at the beginning of the my mission and my spanish was awful they somehow understood me and the Elders set baptismal dates with the kids after my story. It was such a miracle to me to be able to witness Juana's baptism on my last sunday and am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.
I have like zero time and the Elders are complaining that they are hungry and want to go eat lunch, so I had better get going. Until next week! I love you all very very much!
Hermana Taets

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