Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 15

Hola Chamacos (learned that word yesterday, haha)
About a million and one things happened this week!

1. Milagro!!!! That means miracle :) So, Jaime and is baby mama, Maribela, want to get married and get baptized, but are having issues because Jaime needs to divorce his wife, and then she is waiting for her citizenship, which she has already waited 10 years for, but if she gets married she has to start the process over. Anyways, we have been praying for the Lord to provide the way for them to be baptized and this week Jaime for out looking for his wife, visiting her family and friends and trying to locate her, and while he was out searching, the wife showed up at his apartment looking for him! Maribela said his wife came over looking for Jaime because she wants a divorce! They hadn't seen or heard from his wife in years yet she randomly showed up at their door! So on Friday Jaime and his wife went to see a lawyer, who just so happens to be the temple president and speaks spanish, and he is helping them file divorce and is providing his services free of charge! The divorce is still going to be around $1000 but that's with court fees and other stuff yada yada yada. So our next miracle we are hoping to see is that Maribela gets her papers and then they can get married and baptized!! I love teaching them, they read the Book of Mormon together and pray every night and Maribela is trying to get a new job so she can be at church with Jaime on sundays. They are such a beautiful family, with their two beautiful daughters, and I hope one day I will be able to witness them be sealed together as a family inside the temple.

2. On Wednesday we had our Zone meeting with the reporter and it went really way, she was very nice andsaid she hoped her article would help us have a better face in the community and help our work. So, I went to the zone meeting with the specific game plan that I would not speak a word, unless prompted by the Spirit to do so, to prevent myself from saying something that could be distorted and give the church a bad name. Can you guess what happened? I felt very strongly to make a specific comment and so of course I followed the prompting and said it. After the meeting she came up to me and asked me how old I am and where I am from....baaahhh I hope this doesn't mean she is going to quote me in her article. She had asked about miracles we had seen in the mission or good experiences and I talked about how I saw miracles outside of the mission, concerning my family, because of my sacrifice as a missionary. I said that when I was first baptized it was without a lot of support from my family, and that when I chose to serve a mission there wasn't a lot of support in the beginning either, but that now my family fully supports what I am doing and I know that they are being greatly blessed for my sacrifices in the mission. I don't think she could turn my comment against me in anyway, so hopefully I am safe.

3. In gospel principles class on sunday, the hermano teaching the class called my companion "Hermana White". It was beyond hilarious because her name is Blanco, which does mean white in spanish, so I think they might have assumed that she translated her name on her name tag, which is not the case. At one of our dinner appointments this week she got called Hermana White again, so I think it's spreading around the ward and I love it, I laugh so hard everytime they say it.

4. Alysa was baptized yesterday!!! I loved teaching Alysa, she is 11 and the granddaughter of a couple in the ward. Her baptism was so great, the feeling in the room during the baptism was so strong you could probably reach out and grab it. I had a received a tender mercy from the Lord during the baptism. Alysa's cousin, who is also like 11 or so, had planned on singing a musical number during the baptism program and she was very nervous, so I ended up singing it with her. We sang a primary song "A Child's Prayer", which we also sang at MY baptism. The same emotions I felt at my own baptism seemed to flood back into my heart and I had to hold back tears as I sang this beautiful song at the baptism of someone I taught and prepared. I am so happy for Alysa, we took some pictures so I will send those home when I can.

5. Four of our investigators were at church on sunday! Usually only Jaime and Alysa are there but yesterday we had three new investigators at church! I think it is because we had a District fast yesterday for the people in our areas to be prepared to receive the gospel. Woot Woot.

6. Someone told me Erica got a mission call?!!!!??!?!? to the very same state that I so happen to be serving in?!!?!?!? Oh man, Erica if you are reading this you owe me a letter like yesterday. I didn't even know she was planning on serving a mission! Congratulations Erica! Texas is awesome, the spanish people are amazing, I already love the culture and the people so much, I think I will tell people I am from Mexico once I get home and continue speaking spanish and shop at food city, hahahahaha.

Well there's your novel of the happenings within my life this week. I love and miss you all. I love being a missionary! I have never felt so happy!

Hermana Taets

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