Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 14

Hola familia y amigos
Another transfer has begun! Craziness! This week was really busy, not many weird stories to tell this week, just the usual...knocking on trailer doors in the rain, getting chased by a big dog named "Nacho", still struggling to communicate...not just spanish but english as well. I think my brain just is on overload and turns on sometimes.
Last P-day we went to Five Guys for lunch, which is claimed to be better than In-N-Out....WRONG. It was no where near as good. 1. The bun was too big, the ratio of bread to burger was too high, 2. The grilled onions were way underdone and too big, 3. the burger tasted like something I could have made on a crappy grill in my backyard, 4. way overpriced, a cheeseburger and a drink over 5 bucks, didn't even get a fry, pshhhhh, 5. No spread, spread is what makes In-N-Out beat ever other burger place out there, ketchup just doesn't cut it. In-N-Out will always reign supreme. I shared my critique with the others missionaries at lunch and they think I am a complete weirdo and very biased.
On wednesday we had a zone meeting with President Hansen and with a public relations representative from the church because a reporter from the major newspaper in Texas is writing an article on spanish speaking LDS missionaries and will be attending our next zone meeting next wednesday and will also be asking us some questions. This is really exciting because if the reporter writes an honest article about our work as missionaries it could spark interest in the community and move along the work. But, it is also very scary, because if something we say is taken out of context or distorted then the entire church could receive a bad reputation. I am planning on keeping my mouth shut unless prompted by the Holy Ghost to share some insight. The reporter came to church with us on sunday and she seems very nice, but I still have my guard up of course.
On Friday we had an appointment with Jaime, and usually we teach him at his mom's house because she is a previous investigator and sits in on the lessons and also because we were previously teaching his sister and her husband as well, but on friday he wanted us to teach him at his house. He said it was close by, so we met him in a nearby parking lot and then followed him onto the freeway. As we were driving we watched several exits pass by until eventually we had driven right outside of the mission. I felt a little panicky but we decided to keep going and teach the lesson. We got to his home and met his baby-mama, who he lives with, and she sat in on the lesson. We taught the first lesson again, on the Restoration of the church, for Maribela's sake, and it went so well! We committed her to be baptized with then and there and she said yes! She said she knew what we taught was true and wanted to be baptized with Jaime. I was so happy! As soon as Jaime finalizes his divorce and marrys Maribela, we will be able to see both of them baptized and prepare to attend the temple to be sealed as a family. There is no greater joy then to witness a family come unto a knowledge of the gospel and witness the increased measure of love and joy the family receives through the gospel. I am so excited for them! We talked to President Hansen the next day to ask for the South mission's phone number since the missionaries that cover Jaime's neighborhood would have to be the ones to continue teaching them, but President said he wanted us to keep teaching them and talk to our Bishop to see if they can continue to attend and be baptized in our ward. I am so excited!!! Now we are just praying for a miracle for Jaime and Maribela, that he can get divorced and they can be married by Bishop in the chapel.
I love being a missionary, there is no greater joy nor greater thing I could be doing with my life in this moment. I love all you back home and am grateful for your prayers and support.

Hermana Taets

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