Wednesday, January 6, 2010


BAHHH I LOVE HER and how she still has a sense of humor! Happy Reading!

Hola Y'all!
Finally out in the field, chyeah! It was kind of a culture shock after being in the MTC for 2 months, and because I don't know the area, and because I can't communicate haha. There are like no white people here, which is suhweet because i have been called to teach in spanish so we have found a lot of people to teach. My companion is Hermana Blanco and she is awesome, I love her to bits. She is from Maryland and had been on the mission for over a year, so I might be her last companion. She is waaaay legit at spanish too and is just a really good missionary. We are whitewashing in the Fairbanks area of the mission, which is a little north of Katy. Oh, white washing means that there were 2 Elders serving in our area and the President transferred both of them out and put my companion and I there, so neither of us is familiar with the area or the members, it has been quite an adventure. The Elders only had one person they were teaching (probably why they were transferred out) so on Saturday we spent the entire day tracting (knocking on doors and just talking to anyone to make appointments) and we had some awesome experiences! We tracted for a total of 8 hours and we were able to make 11 appointments to return and teach! Nevermind the fact that most of them will probably flake on us haha two flaked out yesterday. We met two really solid potential investigators, one was a family and when we knocked they opened the door and showed us the picture of Christ found in the front of the BOM was hanging on the wall, and they had the Finding Faith in Christ dvd and had been watching it. I asked him if he had read the BOM yet and he said he really liked it. Hermana Blanco asked if he had already been baptized and he said "todavia no", which is like "not yet" in spanish. So, we are super stoked to teach this family tonight. Another one was we were tracting towards the end of the night and this nice lady answered and let us in and we taught her the first lesson about the Restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon. The spirit in the room was so strong during the lesson, and the woman and her daughter looked so intrigued by what we were teaching them, we left a pamphlet for them to read and are going back to teach them again this week. They are basically golden.
We also had some interesting tracting experiences...One Catholic guy cussed us out in spanish haha it didn't bother me, I thought it was funny. We knocked on one door and this really sweet white lady answered and invited us in. The second we walked in I could feel that it was going to be bad (I love having the Holy Ghost with me to give me a heads up all throughout the day.) We sat down and started with a prayer and asked what she knew about our church and then she went all kinds of crazy on us about Joseph Smith. She also turned her tv on and showed us a recording of a "prophet" who was really this Australian biker dude with a perm. She asked how we could possible believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet if he didn't "test the spirits" whatever that is and said it was very frightening to know that so many people have been fooled by Joseph Smith. I tried to find away out of the place for like 45 minutes but she just kept on going on her tirade so eventually I basically said, "We really respect what you believe and are really grateful for the concern you have shown for our salvation but as missionaries it is our job to teach people who are intestested in our message and prepare them for baptism, and it doesn't seem like you want either one of those, so we really need to go." She proceeded to say that God had led us to her home so she could save us, and we were getting up to leave and she wanted to say a closing prayer with us, which we allowed. It was very sweet, and I am sure her intentions were pure, but she sure was feisty! Poor Hermana Blanco is so sweet and just wants to help everyone and was trying so hard to help this woman open up and see that the church is true and I think the whole situation upset her, so I am glad that I was able to pull us out of there. I wasn't really upset, more entertained by the situation. We tried our best and it is our job to invite, which we did, it's not my fault if she doesn't accept the invitation.
Life in Houston is ultra-legit, the members spoil us rotten. Y'all would be so proud of me, I ate the most delicious hispanic meal last night. It was a delish homemade tortilla with some meat, beans, rice, and salsa. That's right, I ate beans and rice, AND I totally liked it! Haha. I hope everyone is doing awesome. I am enjoying life as a missionary so much and feel like I am growing and changing every single day.

Hermana Taets

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