Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 10 or 2nd week in the field

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
I cannot believe another week has flown by! Everyday is so busy so time is going by pretty fast! So, this past week was kind of difficult for me. I felt so on fire when I got to Texas, ready to teach everyone about the restored gospel and really help people, but I am not really witnessing much of that haha. Almost all of our appointments fell through last week so we only taught like...14 lessons this week, and a lot of those were to members and less actives. I also still feel frustrated with myself because of my inability to speak the language. I can usually express what I need to, but I have to speak so slow and don't really have confidence when I speak. Every always says i speak very well and that I should be fluent in a month or so, but it is hard for me to believe that. Everyone is very encouraging though and makes me speak all the time, which I am very grateful for. On Saturday we had a table set up at the Pulga (flea market) and it was pretty successful, we talked to tons of people and like 15 people write their numbers and addresses down so the missionaries in their areas could go teach them. I was feeling pretty confident in my spanish because I had just talked to a ton of people, when at the end of the day I was talking to this man and it was really loud in the Pulga, and he spoke really fast, so I told him I was having a hard time understanding because I am still learning and that he could talk to Elder Morin, then the guy told me that he didn't want to talk to us if we couldn't speak spanish. So, that sucked haha. But, I am keeping my chin up! I know if we keep working, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other, that Heavenly Father with bless us with some golden investigators who have been prepared to hear and accept our message.
Sunday was way good, I felt like I understand way more in church this week than I did last week and could actually follow along with what was being taught. Two less-active families that we taught were in church on sunday and two of our investigators were there as well so that was like the highlight of my week, to see those people we taught, attending church :). Our two investigators are "eternal investigators" meaning they have been learning about the church for years and just never commit to baptism, but I have hope that we can help them and that Heavenly Father is preparing them. We also went to a baptism on sunday night, they were taught by the Elders in the Hollister area. It was so great! The Spirit was so strong! I love being with the spanigh members, they have so much faith and so much love for the gospel. When they sing the hymns they are bearing their testimonies as they sing and it always touches me to see their amazing examples for me.
We taught some random lessons through tracting, my favorite one was this black family we knocked into who let us in to teach them. It was a good lesson and the family is really excited to meet with the English speaking Elders. But...the house was pretty nasty. During the lessons I was just watching the cockroaches crawling on the floor, on the couch, on the furniture...mmm that's Texas for ya. I have seen some of the hugest monster cockroaches here! I will try and catch one to send home for a pet ;)
Well I better get going, I hope everyone is well! I love you all so much!
Hermana Taets
P.S. I met a little kid this week in my ward named "Angel Moroni". No joke. Cutest little kid I have ever seen, but man I laughed so hard when the Elders called him over to talk to us haha. I love all the little spanish kids! they always try to help me with my spanish and they always ask me to spin them around. After I give in and spin them they yell "otra vez otra vez!" which is like again again! haha I love the ward so m

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