Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 17

Querido Famila y Amigos
This week was craziness. First, I will tell of all the ridiculously funny things that happened (all the letters I get express joy in hearing about me getting pooped on by the bird, so I will continue to document these precious moments of my mission).

1. We did a lot of tracting this week, trying to find some new people to teach and while we were tracting out this trailer part we approached a door and heard a loud whistle. No big deal, we kept going towards to door to knock, when we hear behind us, "Bueeeennnoooo". I turned around and there was this parrot in a cage on the porch! Coolest bird I have ever met. I tried to teach it to say "Mormon" but it wasn't having any of that, it was content in saying "Bueno" over and over, with a perfect Hispanic accent as well. Dang bird speaks better spanish than I do. Fail.

2. Saturday we tracted an apartment complex and this really nice family let us in and even got us each a glass of water and were just so nice. We started teaching them about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and that is when they turned on us. I won't say what sect of christianity they belonged to, but they were "Christians", you know, the kind that use the scriptures to argue and prove their vain traditions, bah. They were really hung up on this one scriptures in Corinthians that said woman need to cover their head when they prayer. They read it to us I think 4 times? Each time informing us that it was wrong for us to preach the doctrine of Christ with our heads uncovered. They told Hermana Blanco that she was raised in her religion and therefore didn't realize it was wrong because it is all she has known, so Hermana Blanco, of course, drags me into this war in saying that I joined the church 3 years ago and am the only member in my family. Their response, to me, was that I have been deceived and am very confused. I hadn't said much up until this point because I refuse to argue, especially as a representative of the Savior, I will not argue with people, but after this comment I simply stated that I searched for truth for a long time and prayed to god to know which church was true, and I received a clear answer from God that I cannot deny and know without a doubt that I am not confused. After this they returned to the discussion on head coverings and then the man repeatedly asked my companion if she was mad.."Are you mad Blanco? Are you mad Blanco?" and I had to try really hard not to laugh haha. Anyways, we finally were able to get out, they let us say a prayer with them and then we booked it out of there. Way fun. It broke my heart a little bit though to people with such closed minds and hearts, so unwilling to do the will of the Lord because they are so devoted to their traditions.

3. Hermana Blanco and I almost got eaten by a big dog Saturday. It was definitely possessed, it was walking backwards, no joke. So, we were hiding behind this truck while waiting for it to move so we could get to our vehicle. It was pretty intense, I thought my life was over haha.

Okay now for the serious portion of my discourse.

1. Yesterday was amazing. Carlos, Adela and Juan Carlos were all at church yesterday and during the past week we had taught them about tithing and fasting, and yesterday they asked us to teach them how to pay a fast offering to the church, so we did, and each one of them paid a fast offering. I love that family so much, it has been such a miracle to me to be able to teach them and watch their lives change as they learn the gospel. They haven't set a baptism date yet, but they are close, so hopefully this week. In gospel principals class everyone always has to introduce themselves and where they are from and when I introduced myself and Carlos said I was a Chilanga (Someone from D.F., Mexico) and everyone in class laughed, but hopefully this means my spanish is getting better, the Mexicans have adopted me and now I am officially from Mexico, woot woot.

2. Last week Elders Porter and Workman asked us to accompany them to a lesson with a 17 year old girl they were teaching named Karla. She keeps all of her committments, knows the Book of Mormon is true and has almost read the whole thing, but didn't want to be baptized because her Dad was not supportive. So, the Elders thought it would be good if I went over there and talked about my own challenge in being baptized without the complete support of my parents. She speaks english so I wasn't worried, but right as we were about to start the lesson, her mom and brother came to sit in too, and the mom only speaks surprise! I had to now tell my conversion story in spanish. I can do it, but it's just harder for me to express myself in spanish. So I told my story and then Hermana Blanco talked about her Dad joining the church in the Philippines, and then the Elders committed Karla to set a baptismal date and she said yes! It was a really neat experience and the spirit was really strong in the room. I am really glad I was able to share my conversion and testimony of the gospel with Karla and am excited for the journey she has ahead of her.

I love being a missionary! Oh I might be getting transferred soon soooooo if you have been writing me at my apartment address, start sending mail to the mission office please. Gracias!

Hermana Taets

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